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            Hours of Operation


    Kitchen & Bar Open 11:00 am

       Kitchen Closes    8:00 pm

          Bar Last Call  11:00 pm

                                                                                                   Special Events


Host your Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Concerts, Company Parties at The Texas Mule Saloon in Las Palmas.  Call Douglas (9619 4581), Tarisha (8802 5561) or Dwane (9961 1458) for details.


TELL US WHAT YOU THINK AND HOW WE'RE DOING email us:  thetexasmulesaloon@gmail.com


Steak perfection takes time

How We Smoke


The Texas Mule Saloon brought in to Roatan a specialized smoker from Lone Star Grillz in Willis, Texas.  The smoker not only smokes USDA brisket, pork, ribs, chicken & sausage, but has a griddle for cooking tacos, beans & anything else that we can cook normally on a cooktop.  It also has a grill below the griddle where we will cook some of the finest steaks available just above the flame in the firebox.  We use oak & fruit wood from fallen trees - we never cut down a tree to fuel the fire!  Once the fire is started, we maintain a temperature of 225-250 deg F in the smoke box & cook slowly for up to 12 hours - you can't rush a tender final product!  Our meats are done a little different than some of the famous smokehouses in Texas - we wet smoke the meat after rubbing with a secret mixture of herbs & spices for a more tender & juicier meat & use the roux / renderings for a base for soup, stew & other items on & off our menu.  From comments of our customers, we're doing something right!  WE'RE SMOKIN'!


Traditional smoakhouse,
with an island twist
Located in
the heart
of the island
Serving the finest cuts of slow smoked meat

Have a drink

at the bar

Sip a refreshing cocktail or cold beer wile listening to the sound of the waves .

Back in Texas, 2 ex-brother-in-laws & a cuzzin’ had a notion of starting a dancehall outside of Dallas.  But, the dream quickly faded with life getting in the way.  Then, one day & over the next few months, the dream was revived when they found an abandoned bar / restaurant in Utila.  One thing lead to another &, with a lot of hard work & money, The Texas Mule Saloon established its first (of many?) concept of a Texas-style Smokehouse.  After a long learning curve & finding out what works & what doesn’t, The Texas Mule Saloon Utila has become a successful, family-friendly, eco-friendly destination.  Then, as luck would have it, an opportunity came about in Roatan in the Las Palmas Resort in Dixon Cove to do the same thing.  We have every bit of confidence that both places will be the talk of the Caribbean with even more people around the world telling their friends “We’re been to The Mule”.

Our story begins in a small town

Dixon Coxe, Roatan, Bay Islands, Hondura. Tel. +504-9961-1458


@ Las Palmas Resort

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